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GrooveVC is a community of investors organized to be a catalyst for growth by aggregating our ability to share information and promote the companies we choose for investment. We typically focus our efforts on small and micro cap companies that have little or no analyst coverage and are well below the Wall Street radar.  We are currently focusing our efforts on three small companies: Remark Media (NASDAQ: MARK), RAVE Restaurant Group (NASDAQ: RAVE) and Snap Interactive (OTC: STVI) - please click the stock symbols above to review our due diligence on each portfolio company.

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GrooveVC was created by an informal network of online venture investors seeking to create a forum for the exchange of ideas related to investment opportunities among companies with growth potential that can be materially impacted by the involvement of a community of engaged investors aggregating their contacts and ability to research, invest and promote.

GrooveVC is about discipline and investing, not trading. The most significant impact of our involvement will likely be manifested over a period of months rather than days and we hope to have a positive impact on each focus stock's price in a similar time frame.

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