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Welcome to GrooveVC.com

GrooveVC was created by an informal network of online venture investors seeking to create a forum for the exchange of ideas related to investment opportunities among companies with growth potential that could be materially impacted by the involvement of a community of "engaged" consumer/investors organized to be a catalyst by aggregating their ability to invest, consume and promote.

Essentially, its Peter Lynch's "invest in what you know" (consumer/local knowledge ) crossed with the Carrot Mob, except that we do not seek social change, only pocket change. With GrooveVC, consumer/investors buy/consume what they would buy anyway, but by organizing and aggregating their ability to invest and consume, they can have a material impact on a company's bottom line and ultimately, their own bottom line. To be clear, our primary purpose is the financial enrichment of those who invest, consume and promote with us.

We generally seek publicly traded companies whose financial results can be materially impacted by the incremental consumption and incremental investment of hundreds (or thousands) of “engaged“ consumer/investors who not only invest and consume, but create a “buzz“ among their social and/or professional networks.

GrooveVC is about discipline, focused consumption and investing, not trading. The most significant impact of our involvement will likely be manifested over a period of months rather than days and we hope to have a positive impact on the stock price in a similar time frame.